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the new place to find trusted reviews built on fact, not opinion.


Would you buy your next car based on a picture of a headlight, or a wing mirror? Or would you purchase your next high definition TV with just a picture of a remote control and a plug?

No of course not, but some package holiday companies expect us to invest large amounts of money, based on a picture of a child jumping into an elegant blue swimming pool, or a couple romantically sharing a cocktail together.

You know the kind of pictures we mean, they are nice, but alongside the brief holiday description they provide, it gives very little in the way of useful information.

You wouldn’t make any other expensive purchase based on so little information, so why are we expected to do we do this when we book a holiday?

Fortunately, along came opinion-based websites that advised us about our next holiday, and for the first time allowed the holidaymaker to provide feedback.

This has been all well and good up and till now, it’s certainly provided us with more than we used to have.

But that’s the trouble with opinion  “Everyone’s got one!”

It all seems to feel like the “Throw of a dice” when it comes to committing all your hard earned savings, when some reviews say “Fantastic”, whilst others say “Diabolical”?

The thing is, what might be right for you, may not be right for the next person?

So how do we make decisions when some reviews are good, whilst others are bad, what happens if the reviewer hasn’t included that vital information you are looking for?

There didn’t appear to be any common structure within these sites, the majority of the information seems to be just a collection of different people, writing about there own personal experiences, which may or may not help you in what you’re looking for, and they may have different standards and views than you have?

Fed up with this uncertainty, and bored with trawling through endless reviews trying to find information that was important to us, we decided to construct our own review website, but based on facts and information, not just opinions!

Here at T.R our aim is to collect as many facts, and as much information as we can about your next holiday, and to present you with that detail in a plain, simple jargon free format.

Our goal is to build the world’s largest online tourist information center, where you can find out all the essential details about your next holiday.
Detail that is important to you, in a way that’s quick and easy to understand.

We are all looking for different kinds of holidays, some of you may have children, and some of you may have a disability, whilst others may be vegetarian or be intolerant to certain types of food for example?

So we aim to have a strong focus on topics like family holidays, covering disabilities as well as other issues people have in their lives?
If there’s an area you don’t feel is well covered in the travel industry, please let us know, we’ll try and include it.

We have structured the site so you can select the categories that are important to you, and view the information that you may be seeking, without having to search through masses of data that is of no interest.

Naturally it’s early days for us, and to begin with you may struggle in finding the information you are looking for?

But in time, with your help, we will build a website that will provide all your holiday information needs, alongside photo’s and other useful topics.

There will be useful sections of the site where you can ask questions and get answer’s, you will even be able to request a category to be included, so information will be collected on that subject.

We’d like to build a community site that is shaped by you, for you.

Let us do the thinking, so you don’t have to!


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